It’s more than a mailbox, it’s your Star Station Music Row address!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I rent a private mailbox? Star Station is authorized by the U.S. Postal Service as a Commercial Mail Receiving Agent. You complete a form that gives us permission to receive your mail. You must also supply valid I.D (a Postal Service requirement). If you don’t live nearby, you can have the form and ID notarized and sent to us (For a printable rental form click here.

How do I get my mail? You will be assigned a private mail box and given a key. You can pick up the mail from your box (24 hour access) or have it forwarded if you travel or live out of the area (or just across town).

How much does it cost? There is a setup fee of $15. Depending on the type of service required, monthly rates begin at $15 a month for six months for a letter size (4″x6″) mailbox, depending on the type of service required. Larger size boxes are usually available and there is a discount for annual payments. Come in or call to discuss your particular needs.


Setup fee $15

6 months standard box $90

6 months large box $120

6 months drawer $180

Rent paid a year in advance gets a month of free rent


Are there additional costs? If you receive packages too large for your mailbox, there is a $1 fee added to your next billing. Arrangements for a blanket sum can be made for those receiving multiple packages. If mail is forwarded, you will have to pay the cost of postage plus a small fee for packing. If you use our fax number, you will be charged to receive faxes.

Why should I rent a private mail box instead of a less expensive one at the Post Office? We offer additional services not available at the Post Office. In addition to U.S. mail, you can receive packages from UPS, Fed-Ex and other carriers. You can call us to see what is in your mail box.

Can I keep my Music Row mailing address if I move away? One of the great features of a private mailbox is that you can retain the same address no matter how often you move your business or residence. If you decide not to keep your box, you will need to make arrangements with us (not the Post Office) for forwarding your mail.